HF Bar Ranch in Wyoming

While in Wyoming, I was given the opportunity to stop by HF Bar Ranch, the second oldest dude ranch in the US.  The property is absolutely stunning.  I could have stayed there all day, or maybe days, just taking pictures of the horses, donkeys, and dogs.  It’s filled with cabins, a trading post, a barn, trails, dirt roads, picturesque hills, hummingbirds, dogs, horses, and much more.

I wish it wasn’t such a cloudy day when we went because I would have loved to get pictures of the property with those big blue Wyoming skies, but hey, sometimes you just have to work with what mother nature gives you 🙂  Either way, I would love to stay there in the future – the staff is really friendly, and it looks like it would be an amazing experience!

Fun personal fact: did you know that my husband and I call each other dude?  We rarely call each other by our names.  I don’t know how it started, but it stuck for all these years!