Connecticut Pet Photographer | Buddy the Boxer

Buddy is such a doll with his cute ears and fun personality!  He's an eight year old boxer who's family knew he was the right dog for them by the way he walked over to them when they were picking him out.  They love how snuggly, playful, and protective he is.  His favorite toy is his duck, but he was itching to get his paws on the bright green toy I brought with me to the session.  Of course, I ... Read the Post

Samantha | Durham, CT Pet Photographer

I love photographing dogs, and Samantha, a beautiful golden retriever,  was such a joy to work with; I swear, she was smiling the whole time!  She loves running around, playing catch, and chewing her big tennis ball toy.  She's one happy puppy, but she has every reason to be, she has a great owner that loves her to pieces! ... Read the Post

HF Bar Ranch in Wyoming

While in Wyoming, I was given the opportunity to stop by HF Bar Ranch, the second oldest dude ranch in the US.  The property is absolutely stunning.  I could have stayed there all day, or maybe days, just taking pictures of the horses, donkeys, and dogs.  It's filled with cabins, a trading post, a barn, trails, dirt roads, picturesque hills, hummingbirds, dogs, horses, and much more. I wish it ... Read the Post

Horses on a Ranch in Buffalo, WY

I love animals.  I simply just can't get enough of them, especially if they're a horse or a farm animal.  These horses were just beautiful, and sweet.  In the summer, they live high atop a mountain just outside of Buffalo, WY and are used by the cowboy to move the cattle around the many acres the ranch has.  I honestly didn't want to leave, I was having such a blast taking photos of them.  Aren't ... Read the Post

Madison, CT Family Photographer | The C Family

I've been photographing this family and little G now for three years!  It's been so much fun watching her grown from a baby to an always smiling little girl.  First I watched her crawl and roll, then I saw her walk, and now she talks and runs and runs and runs! I was so excited to hear her talk; we talked about her friends at school and how school is almost over, which her mother was happy about ... Read the Post

Durham, CT Family Photographer | Little D

When I found out that I would miss Dominic's first birthday party due to a work commitment, I was pretty upset.  When I found out his mom wanted his first year photos taken and had been planning a cake smash session, I felt a lot better :) Dominic has to be one of the happiest kids I have ever met.  He's so full of love, smiles, and laughs and is always waving to people to say hello.  He's ... Read the Post